About Us

“Paul & Paul Consulting” is a Greek and British run company based in Petrich, Bulgaria with projects running in Greece, Bulgaria and Sulaimaniya Iraq.

With our construction department but also our business consulting services as well as owning our very own powerful recruiting agency “Paul & Paul Consulting” can build part or the whole of your project from the ground up.

Our recruitment agency can hire hundreds of visa ready workers at a time and staff your office or factory with qualified personnel. We even make training arrangements if needed for your new staff or your current workforce.

We take pride in our work and realise that our customer service and satisfaction is key to our success. After all “Your” Success is “Our” Success.

We are your consultant people!

Our Services

We take pride in our work at "Paul & Paul Consulting" We know that customer service and satisfaction is key. We also know that your success is our success. Here is an overview of our services that we offer.


Construction and refurbishing consulting in Greece and Bulgaria. We work with the very best of the best and can handle your project however big or small.

Business Consulting

Business consulting in Greece or Bulgaria. Strategy, Performance improvement, organization, customer strategy, marketing and much more.

Sales Training

We have individual and group training for your sales force. From basic sales to advanced training, we can make your sales team into master closers.


Owning our own international recruitment agency specialised with industry and office personnel we can hire and/or even train your personnel.

Management Team

Pavlos Papadopoulos

Pavlos Papadopoulos


Entrepreneur. Consultant. Author. Entertainer

Paul Democritou


Milena Zhelyazkova

Milena Zhelyazkova

Assistant Manager - Bulgaria