Plastic & Metal Injection Molders Wanted

Work for injection mouldingin Greece

Plastic & Metal Injection Molders Wanted

Plastic & Metal Injection Molders for a career in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq (Kurdistan), to work for an American company. The opportunity offer is located in a very safe environment and the city itself is very safe. Very high salaries are offered depending on your experience and a delightful bonus package that includes short and long term medical insurance, accommodation, travel expenses, food allowance and holiday packages as well as bonuses. The company offers an advance in salary before you travel, training to advance within the company as well as salary increases as you progress.

If interested send us your cv in english at: "info @ paulandpaulconsulting .com"

NOTE: If selected there is a finders fee paid to our company which is half your first salary. This is deducted automatically by the company from your second and third salary in deposits. Example: $5000 agreed salary. Finders Fee = $2500 = $1250 for 2 months. No other payments from your behalf are required.

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